Ideas for Tailgate Food With Your Diet in Mind

With our recent tailgate adventure in the books. We thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of ideas for some foods and activities for tailgating in general. We also thought it might be nice to put together a list of a few interesting recipes with people’s diet’s in mind. Whether you are Vegan, Paleo or Keto. We have a few ideas for tailgate food for you.

To Grill or Not to Grill

First the question is to grill or not to grill at a tailgate party. This all depends on circumstances. Do you own a small easily portable grill? Are you going to be there early enough to spend time grilling without missing anything? Do you want to cook or would you prefer to just relax? If you have the time and don’t mind cooking? sure you should. Are you going to stress yourself out doing this? Probably don’t grill and make the food ahead of time.


BBQ Tofu Kebabs (Credit: Vanilla and Bean)

Kebabs are an amazing cookout/tailgate food. A simple quick way to cook a variety of foods together where the flavors combine together to form something special. I also find that tofu grills well, it has a real meat-like quality with a couple grill marks. This recipe is completely vegan as well.

Grilled Jamacain Jerk Eggplant (Credit: Minimalist Baker)

Not the biggest fan of eggplant but grilling it and adding jamaican jerk seasoning makes it extremely paletable. Big fan of jamaican jerk seasoning this is a really cool way to make something vegan that feels special and unique.

Vegetarian Antipasto Salad (Credit:Tara Rochford Nutrition)

A really nice vegetarian side dish. Simple and easy to make, supplements a lot of other food options. As well as being super healthy and plant based.

Pulled Jackfruit BBQ (Credit: At Meme’s Table)

Jackfruit is a great meat substitute, it has just the right consistency to seem meat like. As long as it’s flavored properly you can barely tell the difference. This is a really fun way to eat plant based and add in all the cool flavors and textures of BBQ.

BBQ chickpea pinwheels (Credit: Show me the Yummy)

Not the healthiest of options but hey it’s a party, you can cheat a little bit. This recipe is extremely delicious. Chick Peas are one of our favorite plant based foods, falvorful, great texture and easy to prepare. While this recipe is not Vegan it makes a great snack for any party.


Potato Skins (Credit: 40 Aprons)

Potato Skins always work. I mean who doesn’t like potatoes and combine that with avocado and bacon and WOW! This is definitely a winner. You would think without the cheese these would be a disappoinment but nope you would be wrong.

Bacon Wrapped Pineapple (Credit: Paleohacks)

Well not much to say here, bacon is good! Bacon makes everything better, even pineapple i guess. So yeah there you have bacon and pineapple are good together.

7 layer Dip (Credit: Wicked Spatula)

Amazingly this 7 layer dip with no cheese or dairy products of any sort is good. It was hard for me to swallow also, well not really, swallowing wasn’t a problem. Give this a try you will feel good eating it and feel good about eating it.


Homemade Keto Chex Mix (Credit: Bonapeteach)

Chex mix is a great party snack, now make it completely keto. Now you have a great party snack that is relatively guilt free. Seems like a pretty good idea to me.

Keto Quarter Pounder (Credit: Bonapeteach)

This one blows my mind. Similar to our Vegan Bic Mac , This is a fun twist on fast food. Not only do you get the joy of the fast food treat but know that you are doing it in a health-ish way. I love the creativety of people making things that almost shouldn’t be possible.

Keto BLT Dip (Credit: Realbalanced)

A good dip is a great party food. Now make it keto friendly and you have yourself a keeper. Again Bacon makes everything better. While a BLT doesn’t seem like a natural dip idea but this definitely works. It’s an easy to make low carb snack. Perfect if Keto is your diet or if not it;s worth a try.

Obviously there are many many more ideas for tailgate food out there that would be great. We think these are some winners and we will definitely be adding them to our party rotation. Give some of these a try and let us know what you think!

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