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We combined our love of travel with our love for not going broke, and came up with ways to travel from home. Here at Kind of Going Places, we bring you fun themed date nights that sample recipes, culture, and customs from around the world, without ever making you leave the house.

Our relationship began in March 2020, just as the world was closing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With nowhere open to go on a date, we needed a way to have fun while we got to know each other. We’re both travel lovers and self proclaimed foodies, and realized that if we couldn’t physically travel, why not just recreate those experiences on our own?

Each week our at home quarantined dates became a trip to a new city. We “traveled to” Mexico, New Orleans, and Italy, all without leaving our bubble. What started as a fun way to pass the time, became a lasting part of our relationship. Since those early dates, we still have regular themed date nights, and now we’re here to share our date night ideas with all of you!


is our resident Master Chef.

Self-taught, he hasn’t found a recipe yet that he can’t handle. Matt loves to be authentic as he in our themed dates, especially when it comes to ingredients.

Matt’s Favorites Include:

Foods: Grilled cheese, Scrambled Eggs, Sushi

Desserts: Chocolate chip cookies, Whoopee pies

Drinks: Lemonade, Coke (occasionally)

Cocktails: Vodka martini, Manhattan

Travel from home Date Night: Japan

Actual Trip (so far): Hawaii, Yellowstone

Top Bucketlist Place to Visit: Japan


is our resident Baker.

With patience and a love for detail, Laura tries to recreate desserts from all over the world. Laura loves to add the little extras to make each date authentic and unique.

Laura’s Favorites Include:

Foods: Pizza, Swordfish (Seafood in general), Sandwiches

Desserts: Ice cream, Anything with peanut butter!

Drinks: Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Cream soda (occasionally)

Cocktails: Piña colada, Vodka tonic with lime

Travel from home Date Night: Finland

Actual Trip (so far): Hawaii, Yellowstone

Top Bucketlist Place to Visit: Australia


is our resident taste tester.

Smoregan is a happy go lucky little guy with a love of sweets and a habit of getting into mischief. He recently started dating Mallowry.

Smoregan’s Favorites Include:

Foods: Chocolate and graham crackers

Desserts: Whoopee pies

Drinks: Chocolate milk

Cocktails: Virgin White Russian (he’s way too young to drink!)

Travel from home Date Night: Disney World

Actual Trip (so far): New Hampshire

Top Bucketlist Place to Visit: Egypt (he tells us it’s the birthplace of marshmallow)

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