How To Throw a 90’s Inspired Sleepover

Not to date ourselves here, but we grew up in the 80s and 90s, and boy are we thankful for that. We had the best of both worlds, spending our childhood with Transformers, Care Bears, and early Nintendo, and launching into our teenage years with the AOL internet boom. Since we’re on winter break, we figured what better way to mellow out than with a good ole’ fashion 90’s sleepover.

While our childhood sleepover memories vary (one was much more Mall Madness and Dream Phone oriented while the other’s had a lot more video games and WWE), there were definitely some common elements. So we pulled the best from both worlds and put together what you need to create an epic 90s inspired date night.

This Playlist is Gonna Make Ya Jump Jump

This playlist was one of the most fun playlists for us to make, and we actually had to cut ourselves off from adding more songs. Nostalgia for days yo!


Build A Fort

You can’t have an old school sleepover without building a fort. We went a little basic with ours, but it was still fun to put together. We simply pulled a couple chairs together with a little living room furniture and utilized the lifetime supply of blankets we have. If you’re a little out of practice on fort making, no worries, just follow these steps.

A couple things to remember:

  • Chances are you’ve grown a bit since your prime fort making days. Add pillows and blankets inside for added comfort and be careful when you sit up since your head may hit the roof.
  • Throw some fairy or Christmas lights inside for some added romance
  • Your pets will want to destroy your fort

Truth or Dare

Want to test your relationship? Time for Truth or Dare! Remember, this 90s sleepover night is supposed to be fun so maybe don’t go too extreme in these requests. But if you’re looking for a little light hearted fun, Truth or Dare is still a classic. We found a couple links to help get you started:

Ouija Board

This freakin thing used to scare the crap out of us as kids. Convinced any number of ghosts, monsters or whatever were trying to communicate with us. They typically were not telling us about their favorite flavor ice cream either. This is the stuff of nightmares, but if that’s your thing it definitely could be a “fun” nostalgia inducing activity. If you’re “dying” for a new Ouija board, we’ve got you covered.

Spooky Stories

Still looking for more spooky stuff? You probably remember that friend from your 90s sleepover that loved freaking everyone out with spooky stories. Or maybe you were that friend. And if you were, thanks for the nightmares. Also chances are your friend found those stories in one of the books “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” by Alvin Schwartz. Remember these?! They definitely freaked us out a time or two. If you want to re-purchase your childhood, we found them on Amazon.

If you need a break from Amazon spending, don’t worry. We also found a list of old school simple spooky stories that might spark some nostalgia for your 90s inspired sleepover.

Board Games

Who doesn’t have great memories of playing board games with their friends at a sleepover? Even if a lot of the times someone was a sore loser (might be a little guilty myself there). Now that we are all adults, let’s pretend we can all be “Adults” and be gracious losers. Ok..well..just don’t break anything in your lose rage, okay? Anyways, there’s classics like Jenga, Twister, and Connect Four, but here are some other ideas….

Domino Rally
Mall Madness
Game of Life


I’m sure it’s just the nostalgia talking but these movies really bring out the feels. There was just a little more magic in these classics than all the modern soulless blockbusters today. Our list represents the epitome of classics from our childhood to teen years that we think have really withstood the test of time. For our 90s sleepover, we went with Labyrinth, because you can’t beat Bowie in tight

Dance Baby Dance
Never Ending Story
Little Giants
Mighty Ducks


If the food of our childhood shows us anything it’s that apparently we lived on a collection of the most unhealthy foods possible. Like how did anyone think this was good for us? Setting all of that aside, we do have some fond memories of bagel bites, pizza rolls and Dunkaroos. It’s a good thing this is a once in a great while activity.

For our sleepover experience, the pizza rolls were a win, bagel bites were not as good as we remembered and bugles we were spot on. The Koolaid is a freakin bottle of pure sugar, way too sweet in our opinion. And when did Dunkaroos stop being kangaroo cookies?! What is with this little letter D? Pffftt. It’s amazing how much things change in a relatively small period of time but if you want to recreate 90’s junk food, here is the list we came up with:

Our Sleepover Sugar Feast

Main Meals

Bagel Bites
Pizza Rolls
Hot Pockets
Ellio’s Pizza / Order Pizza
Poptart / Toaster Strudel
Chef Boyardee


Cheeseballs / Cheetos
Fruit by the foot
Cosmic Brownies
Bugles / Combos
Poprocks / Nerds
Bubble Tape
Fudge Stripe Cookies


Barrel Drinks
Squeeze It
Hi C / Hawaian Pucnch
Capri Sun
Sunny D

Even with the sugar highs and crashes, we had a blast with our 90s sleepover. Even though things may not be exactly as you remember them (forts can be small and seriously, where are the kangaroos in our Dunkaroos?!), it was still a great trip down memory lane. Especially for date night, we shared stories from our childhood we had forgotten about. This is definitely a date night we’ll re-do again inthe future.

So what do you think?! Let us know what 90s sleepover date nights you came up with. And if you’re looking to recreate another nostalgic trip from home, check out our post on How to Have a Magical Disney Experience From Home.

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