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Food Ideas for the 4th of July That Are Truly Unique

In doing my part as a proud American, we have put together a list of some unique food ideas (think traditional staples but with a twist) for the 4th of July for my other proud Americans to enjoy!

The 4th of July or Independence Day (as some might call it) is the celebration of AMERICA being born. Where the local population of the “New World” Told the King “Casse toi!” (10 points to whoever knows the origin of that line). Now two hundred and two score and 6 years later, we celebrate by blowing stuff up, drinking profusely, and eating many charred meats.

Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog!

Pretzel Hot Dog Skewers

Hot dogs, on skewers? That’s too crazy to be real you might say, but no this is real life. Definitely a little bit of extra prep time, but this is super fun and who doesn’t like things on skewers. Find the recipe here (Credit

Hot dog on a stick

Campfire Pigs in a Blanket

Super simple, familiar and unique all at the same time. This might be a future staple in our household. Personally I would rather have these than have smores (yes I am a lunatic). I can’t believe we (us or our families) never thought of this idea. These could be made on a grill or an open fire and are the perfect late night drunken snack! Check out the Recipe. (Credit Delish)

Hot dog on a different stick

Chili Dog Pizza

This one might not work in the traditional sense of a hot dog but this is a really cool unqiue recipe. This could be a great side dish for a cookout. I’m willing to wager if you make this there won’t be any threat of a duplicate dish. Find the recipe here. (Credit Taste of Home)

Not your average hot dog

Hot Docos

It’s like a hot dog and a taco had a baby. How did we never think of this before? Seriously this is such a no-brainer combo, the shell is the perfect size, it’s very bun-like and as an added bonus you get an awesome crunch to go with it. On top of all that the fixins you would put on a taco go great with a dog. Check this out! (Credit Delish)

a match made in heaven

Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Big Mac, Whopper

The ULTIMATE Burger Dog

Can’t decide on burgers or dogs, well boy do I have something for you! Imagine if you will, you can combine a hamburger and a hot dog into one superfood. Now imagine if you stuffed this superfood with cheese. Is your mind blown? Well it should be because it may be the perfect food. Find out how to make this amazing creation here. (Credit Tasty from Buzzfeed)

the ultimate combo

Mac and Cheese Stuffed Sliders

The fact that we have never combined Mac & Cheese and a Hamburger before is a real travesty. While not the healthiest creation, it’s a damn delicious one. Our forefathers did not dump tea into the sea so that we could eat healthy to commemorate it. Nope! This is time to life it up and worry about our arteries later. Here is the recipe. (Credit Buzzfeed)

Arteries, Smarteries

Grilled Hawaiisn Teriyaki Burger

In 1959 Hawaii became a state solely so the US could have a permanent claim to their stash of pineapples. Ok well maybe not but we think it’s more fun that way. Either way pineapples and teriyaki sauce make this a super sweet and delicious way to enjoy a burger. Enjoy this recipe! (Credit Skinnytaste)

Mmmmmmm Pineapply

Ultimate Veggie Burgers

We have grown to enjoy vegetarian foods in the past year or so, so we thought it would be a good idea to include some ideas. This is a really cool combo of a lot of great ingredients like chickpea, mushrooms, beets, panko, and many more. This really truly might be the Ultimate Veggie Burger. This is place to learn how it’s done. (Credit Food & Wine)

Veggies can have fun too!

Your Side Hustle

Tzatziki Potato Salad

This is a good example of taking something basic and just adding a minor twist to make something awesome. You don’t always have to do something completely crazy to make something unique and delicious. The recipe can be found here. (Credit Delish)

Every cookout has potato salad

Cilantro Lime Grilled Watermelon

Neither of us are huge watermelon fans but every once in a while something comes along and makes us question our stance. Whether you are pro watermelon or not, we think this is something you will like. The combo and sweet and refreshing combined with the char is a really great combination. We think you and your guests will really enjoy this recipe. (Credit The Stay at Home Chef)


Hoisin Snap Pea & Red Cabbage Slaw

Fact! Slaw is a cookout staple, but did you know that very few slaws we eat at cookouts contain sweet delicious hoisin suace? It’s true and this is something that needs to change. Contact your local hosts and let them know you want hoisin sauce in your slaw! Also you could just make this recipe and bring it to your gathering, I guess. If you do, this is how it is done. (Credit Cookin’ Canuck (Note: this is a fabulous Blog Name))

Hoisin belongs in slaw!

Get Some Drink in Your Cup

Firecracker Milkshake

This is a really cool family friendly treat, more of a dessert but we don’t think anyone will care. There really isn’t much to say here as ice cream and food coloring is pretty basic. A few notes though, first if you aren’t great with dairy, we recommend Cashew Milk Ice Cream and second, feel free to get a little saucy and add some special adult liquids. Anyways this is how it’s done. (Credit Delish)

An easy win

4th Of July Cocktail

Don’t let the name fool you, this is a really simple fun, merica themed cocktail. Super easy to make, excellent flavor, and presentation to die for. Do yourself a favor and give this a try! (Credit cdkitchen)

Shaken not stirred

Fourth of July Layered Cocktail

Full Disclosure we have had mixed results with layering, we tried to make a rainbow beverage and well, we missed a few colors. The good news is, this one is really easy. Everything will almost layer itself completely naturally. Give it a try and let us know if we are full of it. (Credit Mix that Drink)


We really hope you enjoy our food ideas for the 4th of July. While we love the classic cookout staples, sometimes it’s nice to try something a little different. There are only so many cheeseburgers and hot dogs you can eat over the summer before they lose their edge. I know we will be trying to make as many creative versions of these as we can. If you have some creative ideas please let us know, we would love to hear from you! Stay safe and make sure you have the same number of fingers on July 5th as did on July 3rd!

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