Super Bowl Party – How to Create a Team Inspired Menu

Are you ready for some football feasts? We sure are! Super Bowl Sunday is a true American holiday, and a big part of the fun is the feast that comes along with it. We’ve covered major sporting events like The Masters for golf, which is known for specific meals of the event. But when it comes to something a little more open ended, we like to think outside the box. We found ourselves wanting something a little more than traditional Super Bowl foods of wings and chips and beer, so when creating our Super Bowl Party menu, we get inspired by the Teams and their hometowns.

What do we mean by that? Well take last year’s Super Bowl LVI between the Rams and Bengals. We made a Super Bowl menu of the Skyline chili from Cincinnati California rolls to rep the Rams. Since we don’t yet know who the final lineup will be for this year, we’ve gone ahead and given you a breakdown of some of the top seeded teams for Super Bowl LVII and the most iconic foods of their hometowns.

AFC Teams Breakdown

It’s not always the case that the home city of a team will have the perfect Super Bowl food, but it sure works out well for the Chiefs. KC is famous for all the great typical Super Bowl foods, like barbecue, chili, and chicken fried steak.

One of the most popular combos of KC cuisine is pairing a bowl of chili with cinnamon rolls (apparently this is popular throughout the Midwest, which as New Englanders was news to us). While we couldn’t pinpoint the origin in our research, folklore suggests this tradition dates back to school lunches after WWII, while others say it became a staple for loggers, combining leftovers from the previous day with chili to fuel up for a hard day of manual labor. Whatever the origin may be, chili and cinnamon rolls are a unique and authentic Kansas City spin for your Super Bowl party.

Cred: Food Network

Super Bowl food favorite buffalo wings come from Buffalo, NY (obviously) aka home of the Bills. Now it’s hard to go wrong with buffalo wings, but if you’re like us and want something a little different, consider the local favorite Beef on Weck. Roast beef on kaiser rolls with horseradish and caraway seeds, this Buffalo classic can easily become a Super Bowl staple. Or check out their infamous Spaghetti Parm (which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, buttery spaghetti topped with sauce and cheese).

Cred: AllRecipes

Cincinnati’s most famous dish is easily Cincinnati Chili. It is made from Mediterranean spices, sometimes cocoa powder, and is served as a topping rather than a meal. It’s usually used to top spaghetti or hot dogs. Skyline Chili is a chain of restaurants in OH and differs from Cincinnati Chili partly because it doesn’t contain beans. We made this for the 2022 Super Bowl, and it was pretty great.

Cred: insanelygoodrecipes

Jacksonville is known for Low Country foods like alligator (yup, Florida is all things gator), seafood boils, and shrimp and grits. As far as Superbowl foods go, Jacksonville brings some great new twists. The Camel Rider Sandwich is a staple in Jacksonville and is a pretty simple sandwich of pita and deli meats. Assuming you’re like us and don’t have regular access to alligator meat, check out some of these Jacksonville recipes for your Super Bowl menu.

Cred: Jacksonville Magazine

When it comes to major cities like LA that are known as fusion spots, it can get a little tricky to find unique foods. But we’ve got you. The Cobb salad and the French Dip sandwich are just 2 amazing Super Bowl foods that were created in LA. You can also opt to go the healthy route as LA is known for health conscious cuisines.


Need a break from the meat sweats? Maryland has you covered. Seafood is the favorite here. Maryland is known for being the blue crab capital of the US. If you don’t have access to Maryland blue crab, don’t sweat it. Crab cakes are a great Super Bowl snack, and Maryland is also known for Maryland Stuffed Ham.

Cred: SallysBakingAddiction

Welcome back to Florida! Whereas lowcountry food is all the fan favorite of the Jaguars, Cuban cuisine reigns in Dolphins country. Cuban flair is prominent across Miami, and naturally has influenced the cuisine. Arepas, empanadas, croquetas and more will make for delicious Super Bowl snacks. Feeling a little twisted? You can get some sushi in honor of the Dolphins. Like we said, twisted.

* Disclaimer: Please do not eat actual dolphin. I will cry. *

Cred: ASassySpoon

NFC Teams Breakdown

There is one perfect and obvious Super Bowl snack when it comes to Phili, and that is of course the Philly Cheesesteak. It’s really hard to go wrong with this classic. Actually Philly is well known for perfecting hoagies in general, and pretzels while we’re at it. (If you need pretzel making tips check out our Oktoberfest pretzel post). If you’re looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, Philly is also home to Tastykakes, which could be a great addition to your Super Bowl menu.

Cred: HonestFoodTalks

San Francisco is known for one of the greatest gifts the world has given us..bread! Sourdough bread to be specific. Sourdough yeast thrives in San Fran thanks to its foggy climate, making it some of the best sourdough there is. Missing the meats? San Fran is also home to great Mexican food, and the huge Mission Burritos will easily be a Super Bowl food win.

Cred: NYTimes

There is no shortage of Super Bowl snacks here in Minnesota. Thanks in part to their amazing state fair each year, this snowy states knows comfort food well. From the classic Jucy Lucy (a burger stuffed with cheese) to Hot Dish, which is a tater tot filled casserole, Minnesota has plenty of options for your Super Bowl menu. There is also a strong Scandinavian influence making things like Swedish meatballs and lefse (a traditional Norwegian flatbread) common favorites, as well as a strong Vietnamese and Hmong culture with dishes like pho and Hmong sausage.

Cred: MrFood

Ok so apparently Florida is good at football. But don’t worry, they’re also great with recipes. If you ask me nothing is better than a sandwich, they’re the best of all worlds and make a great Super Bowl menu option. The Cuban sandwich is the favorite in Tampa Bay, along with empanadas, and I’m here for it. And if these options are too common and you need something more swashbuckling and cutting edge, embrace your inner Buccaneer and try out some pirate inspired recipes.

Cred: Tampa Magazine

Texas was made for Super Bowl food. Burgers, briskets, steaks, beer – Texas may be the winner when it comes to the traditional Super Bowl menu. Chili, biscuits, and queso are also local favorites. No matter what you choose from Texas will easily be a win.

Cred: TexasCooking

While the Bills Mafia may dominate upstate NY, the Giants turf reigns over the metropolitan area, which means there’s plenty of authentic NY dishes for your Super Bowl Menu. First up is my absolute favorite, NY style pizza (all about that slice fold), which is an easy and obvious choice for any party. If you want something to warm you up, try Manhattan Clam Chowder, a tomato based chowder (though as much as I love NY, as a New Englander, I can not personally ever call this clam chowder. It’s just wrong). There’s also the infamous Katz Deli, known worldwide for their pastrami sandwich, and NY bagels, which like NY pizza, reign supreme.

Cred: FeelingFoodish

Hello Seattle! Besides being the birthplace of Starbucks and Grunge (two of my favorite things in life), Seattle is well known for seafood. The Pike Place Fish Market is famous for their amazing seafood in addition to their fish throwing skills. As for your Super Bowl menu, Seattle is also credited for creating teriyaki as we know it today, and adding cream cheese to hot dogs.

Cred: AllRecipes

Game Time

We hope this gives you a start for your own Super Bowl party! Good luck to your Teams in the playoffs, or if you’re like us and without one, better luck next year. (#Patriots).

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